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We teach mainly Salsa and run a Bachata night once a month.  Guest teachers will also be invited to teach other styles of latin.

We run 3 classes simultaneously: beginners, intermediate and advanced. You can then put into practise what you have learnt during the rest of the evening, when we turn into a lively, busy club!  There will be lots of experienced dancers to put you at ease.

As a beginner you will learn the fundamentals of salsa music and rhythm, the basic steps and combinations, as well as leading and following in partner work. Most of all, as well as learning a new skill, you will have lots of fun and gain in confidence!

You do not need to come to salsa with a partner. 

Wear comfortable, loose clothing - you will get hot! A smooth soled shoe is essential as many of the steps involve turns. Ladies mig

ht like to wear a heel but please, no stilettos!

View previous lessons on our You Tube channel